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Untouched since the beginning of time...

The Banyak Islands in Indonesia form a pristine conservation area renowned for their natural beauty, and have remained untouched since the beginning of time. This picturesque archipelago boasts a rich biodiversity and serves as a sanctuary where our guests can experience the raw wonders of the natural world.

Ben F - AUS

"I've been coming to indo for the last 20 years and have been gettting fed up with the crowds. Was a relief to grab some epic sessions without the hassle, and staying over the water with heaps of space was next level. Cheers to the kitchen crew as well, food was unreal."

Catch Waves. Not Crowds.

Surfing in the Banyak Islands offers a rare gem in Indonesia—a region where the waves remain uncrowded and world-class. With a diverse range of waves, from playful bending points to hollow tubes, this hidden surfing paradise has managed to remain undercover from major online exposure. Due to it's remote location and variety of waves that work on most conditions surfers spread out, leaving plenty of waves for all.


Spacious Overwater Villas.
Incomparable Privacy.

We are the only resort in the Banyak Islands offering private rooms each with their own bathroom and patio and air conditioning.  Enjoy panoramic views of 3 waves from your balcony while also having access to multiple lounge areas with space to spread out. 


Unplug Or Stay Connected

Our resort provides the ideal opportunity to unplug from the outside world, allowing guests to immerse themselves fully in the serene ambiance of the Banyak Islands. For those who need to stay connected at times, we offer the convenience of incredibly fast high-speed WiFi powered by Starlink, ensuring seamless connectivity in the most remote of areas.

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Speed. Flexibility. Safety

With a fleet of 4 fast boats, you have the freedom to surf your choice of nearby waves whenever you want. No need to wait for a group, you can head to any of the 4 waves within a 3 minute boat ride whenever you like. As well, safety is paramount for us with GPS and EPIRB systems onboard for all open ocean travel.

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