Description: The most consistent wave in the bay of plenty, Gunturs is a long 10-20 second ride with 2 barrels sections that connect for a fast fun rippable ride.


Frequency: 4/5

Distance from Villas: Visible from your patio, Gunturs is a quick 2min boat ride or a 5-7 min paddle if you feel like warming up those arms.

Lolok Point

Description:  The best left hander in all of the Banyaks it peels for 20-25 seconds. Starting with roll in takeoff and big long wall for big wrapping turns and then you have the choice to kick out or keep charging as it sets up on the inside for a serious tube section that will get your heart pumping.


Frequency: 3/5

Distance from Villas: 3 min boat ride.


Description:  A ruler edge perfect left that beds around a semi-circle shaped reef that could be compared to a mini-macaroni’s without the crowd. Suitable for all surf levels and allows for everything from cruising to busting your fins out.


Frequency: 3/5

Distance from Villas: 3min paddle from your patio, hop off and you're right in the lineup.

Treasure Island

Description:  Know as one of the best rights in Indonesia treasures reels for over 500m as it bends around the southern tip of the island. Offering 3-4 barrel sections, its one of the easiest waves to get multiple barrels per wave. Each section offers a backdoor barrel and a chance for a nice wrapping turn to setup the next tube.


Frequency: 2/5

Distance from Villas: 20min boat ride

Description:  When everywhere is flat or barely breaking, Cobra’s is there ready and waiting with head high+ lefts that have everything from rippable walls to barrel sections. It breaks on the opposite wind as treasure island so if the wind changes you can pop around the point for some offshore fun.


Frequency: 5/5

Distance from Villas: 25min boat ride

Cobra Logs


Lizard Nest

Description:  A special wave that offers the longest and deepest tube in the Banyaks. A low key spot rarely frequented by charter boats it’s a place to hone your barrel riding skills as you pump through deep sections on your way to the channel. Requires a specific swell direction to work but when it’s on, you don’t want to miss it.


Frequency: 2/5

Distance from Villas: 15min boat ride

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Spot X

Description:  A secret spot that offers a draining left that sucks up over shallow reef  with a large channel similar to Teahupoo and only surfable on large swells and high tide. If you’re an experienced barrel rider it’ll make you druel watching it and sure to get your heart pounding.


Frequency: 2/5

Distance from Villas: 15min boat ride


Camel Backs

Description:  Named for its double hump and spitting tube, it sits just on the edge of the bay on the next reef north of Gunturs. A tricky takeoff, but offers a deep backdoor barrel section, that's spits you out into the channel.


Frequency: 3/5

Distance from Villas: 5min boat ride