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The Trip

From arrival to departure we offer a fully catered experience including delicious food, activities, and boat transportation to the villas and around to all the surf breaks.

One of Indonesia's Last Frontiers 
The Surf

The Bay of Plenty offers 3 perfect waves right off your doorstep for all level of surfers. 10+ world class waves just a quick boat trip away to keep you stoked non-stop.

The Villas

We have 4 private villas built overlooking the surf and delicious food from our restaurant.  A comfortable place to stay and relax before and after your time in the surf. 

The Banyak Islands are one of the few remaining uncrowded surf zones in all of Indonesia. Stay with us in private over water villas in the "Bay of Plenty" with 3 waves on your doorstep and 10+ breaks nearby.

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